Five Meals Under 10,000 LBP

It’s the month of January, and understandably you’re strapped for cash. Surviving the season of giving unscathed is impossible, so little remains for mealtimes at the office. Besides, those desiccated pretzels you’ve been feasting on would have found better use stuffing a Christmas stocking than your mouth – enough already!

So how far can 10,000 LBP take you in terms of a satisfying lunch? You’d be surprised! Here are five picks for filling meals within budget.

  1. Ever wonder how Subway got to be the largest chain in the world? Simple. By empowering the customer. At the sandwich assembly line, you get to dictate the bread type, the fillings, the garnishes, and the sauce. Add them all together, and you’ve created a unique sub. One of our favorites is the six-inch steak and cheese for a decent 8,500 LBP. Supple wheat bread is layered with lean morsels of beef and melted Swiss. Then pile on the veggies: how about lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno, pickles, and green bell peppers? Drizzle all that goodness with sweet onion sauce, or if you’re feeling frisky, BBQ with chipotle will ignite your palate. Photo source

  1. For years, we couldn’t get past the deliciously fresh salads at Casper & Gambini’s, a smart casual eatery that’s long defined the Lebanese dining scene. Then we discovered their ample selection of heartwarming soups, from lentil and carrot-ginger to miso chicken noodle, wild mushroom, and tomato & basil. In this chilly winter weather, nothing like a copious bowl of piping hot potage to keep the shivers at bay. Start with the traditional home-style lentil served with garlic croutons (9,250 LBP) and work your way through each inspiring soup on offer. Photo source

  1. Fancy a whopping burger? If you’re in Hamra or thereabouts, order The J’s classic cheese burger for 9,500 LBP. A densely-packed, tender and moist meat patty nestles beneath a layer of melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles and a slather of J’s signature sauce all inside a golden, glossy bun. The burger could use a hint of sweetness, which ketchup will wonderfully lend. Ask for double the dose of coleslaw, as it strikes the perfect balance between savory and sweet. Photo source

  1. What we’ve come to appreciate about Kababji is its emphasis on customization, from bread type to sauce and fillings. The best bit? No added costs. Have you resolved to eat healthily? Opt for the oat bread at no extra charge. Want to saddle up your taouk wrap with additional garlic paste, fries and a lick of peppery sauce (“rib il 7ar”)? The base price of LBP 6,500 stands its ground, no matter what you pile on. Besides the shish taouk, Kababji’s intabli kafta (LBP 7,000) is supreme and, most importantly, slathered with nutty hummus. Photo source

  1. Everyone knows the Levantine brunch fix can be happily had at any time of day. We’re talking foul, hummus, balila, fatteh – you know, the energy-packed legumes and pulses that are the bedrock of our cuisine. Abou Abdallah in Daoura has become a common household name for his rustic, austerely traditional dishes. Vats of boiling chickpeas and fava beans greet the diner, and with these staples, magic is made. Keep it simple: a bowl of balila or foul with tahini will stick to your gut all day. Be sure to garnish with the essential mint leaves, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and of course oodles and oodles of olive oil. Photo source

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