2018 Food Trends

With 2017 behind us, it’s time to embrace the new year, and with it, a slew of new food trends that will have your palate pining for adventure. That’s right – food artisans, importers and entrepreneurs the world over have weighed in on what they expect will become our obsessions in 2018. From edible flowers and plant products to airy snacks and Middle Eastern cuisine (oh yeah!), here’s a peek at what you can look forward to devouring in 2018.

  1. Ever given the vegan diet a shot? Well, this year might be the time to get your veg on, as plant-based products rise to prominence. In the dairy aisle particularly, nut and oat milks are here to alleviate lactose allergies (and Lebanese folks are all too familiar with those!). The upshot is that plant proteins promote weight loss, so you can have your leafy green cake and eat it, too. Photo source

  1. If you’ve been to a local gastropub lately, no doubt you’ve witnessed the ubiquity of flower-infused cocktails. Does elderflower martini ring a bell? How about lavender kombucha for the tea aficionados? In 2018, expect lavender, hibiscus, rose and elderflower to lend their aromatic magic to food and drinks. Farewell to useless flower arrangements; we prefer the edible and hence useful sort. Photo source

  1. We’ve all known it since the dawn of mankind: Middle Eastern food is unsurpassed in flavor, taste, and healthfulness. And at long last, the world is catching on! Besides the clichéd falafel and tabbouleh that have found a place in the hearts of international diners, spices like cardamom and blends such as zaatar and harissa will make a prominent debut on the food scene. Lebanese influences, together with Syrian, Moroccan, and Persian, will flourish and thrive in every corner of the globe. Photo source

  1. Surely you’ve noticed a whole new breed of chips in the snacks section of your local grocery store: popped, puffed, dried and/or crisped are the present rage. Thanks to novel manufacturing extrusion methods – in other words, how raw material is processed and combined to form an end-product – the future of snacking is looking oh so wholesome. And potatoes won’t be the only root veggie on offer. Parsnip chips and dried string beans will soon be invading your pantries! Photo source

  1. Move over white Wonder Bread, the spotlight has shifted to your darker, more complex counterpart, the whole-meal loaf. Bakers are sourcing local grains; milling the day before baking; and toying around with proofing times to reinvent the meaning of good bread. Packed with seeds, grains, and amazing-for-you nutrients, these loaves should obliterate any guilt you traditionally associate with the carb culprit. Photo source

Contributed by Danielle Issa from Beirutista.co

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