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As any long-time reader of this blog will know, the Bitfood team has been big fans of the GoPSPGo concept that Sony launched in Europe and Asia (but, to our disgust, not in the USA) in 2008.  About 12 months ago we tried to find out what the state of play was on the long delayed introduction of PSPGo!Explore. We called the US and the UK offices. and eventually were sort-of told that it was never gonna happen!

PSP Go Games GoneThe GoPSPGo site they set up was a real sweet one  - and there was a tailor-made version for a whole stack of countries. The flash production was the kind of quality you would expect from a top game platform.  But if you go to the UK url today - its just a redirect to the PSP section of the Playstation home site in the UK.

Seems like that whole product was a fizz-er and its just all quietly disappeared into the night?

Not so - there is a trail of wreckage - and a funny? post script. it up as they might, Sony can’t entirely expunge the past. First up, the wayback machine lets us see some of what used to be…at least for the gopspgo dot com version. There you can at least see the bones of the site that used to be. Click on any of the countries listed to see what used to be on offer. Go! Messenger, for example, used to offer:

With Go!Messenger you can use your PSP to keep in touch with friends for free wherever you have access to a Wireless connection

Lets take a closer look at Go!Messenger. This was provided in conjunction with BT . And even a year after they shut it down, there is a site still up saying:

PSP Go Games Gone

…..we have had to do this…

And its a year later!

Does anyone else see this as really weird?

Well, weirder still is the postscript. When one of the Bitfood team started researching for this post they entered in (understandable, right?)

And you would not believe what they found!!

The joke is on Sony because THIS is what is there….

PSP Goes Nintendo
That’s right - PSP Go-es Nintendo!!
What a trick Nintendo?? has pulled off?

Now to the UK reader this is probably not news (given the PSPGo). But for us across the pond, all we can say is  hahahaha!! And frankly, we were surprised that Nintendo got away with it.

Well, they haven’t - as the site is not owned by Nintendo! It was cunningly registered in China in 2009 by a Pan Zuo. And he has simply top-framed the whole Nintendo site into his site??

Not sure what happens if you login on this site?

Not sure why Sony haven’t taken this guy down? Or Nintendo for that matter?

The whole thing is weird - or hillarously funny. What do you think?

PS I we had to guess, our bet would be that the guy is trying to get a big payout from Sony for the site and in the meantime is giving Sony the finger!

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