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Grafitti EntertainmentIf you have ever tried out a professional flight simulator, you know how incredibly realistic they are. In fact, many pro pilots do their training for unfamiliar planes on tailor made simulators and then go right out and fly them!

The latest game developed by Graffiti Entertainment for our PSPs, looks to have some of the feel of these pro flight simulators. But instead of having to practice boring take-off and landing procedures – airport after airport after airport – and run through endless practice pre-flight preps! We get to fly action-packed missions – based on known WWII events and to engage in strategic bombing raids, air support manouvers, paratroops and supply deployment, and bombing-prevention missions.

Air Conflict

Players can choose to fly for the Americans (US Air Force), Russians (Red Army Air Force), British (Royal Air Force), or Germans (Luftwaffe) and to choose from 17 authentic planes. And as the game is multi player (up to eight players) there is plenty of room for rivalry in the air!

PSP Game

Grafitti have built in 13 different authentic World War II campaigns – and each one has several smaller missions. The result is that there are more than 240 individual missions included in the game! That should be enough to satisfy even the most avid flight sim fans.

The game is due to be released on March 17th, 2009

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