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It looks as if Sony may be planning some big moves for PSP in 2008.

It has just announced (at At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) the upcoming release of the new 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. ThisSony Introduces 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Media is a big increase in memory capability over the current 8GB model.

This may seem innocent enough – after all the current memory stick really does not allow us to do all the things we want. There is just not enough room to store games and movies and all our music!

But, when taken together with the also-demonstrated up and coming ability to
load certain Blu-ray movies onto your PSP, using the blue ray disc (of course) – and the PSP memory sticks … Sony Shows Blu-ray And PSP Compatibilitywell, you can see where this is going.

The current Memory sticks just will not do the job. So to sell you on this easier-than-the-current-ways (that any resourceful PSP owner with a high-speed internet connection have developed) to load movies onto their portable system, Sony have – Voila! – produced a huge new memory card. (Mind you it will cost $300 when it is released in March).

I can’t help but mention another gadget Sony has pushed into the lime light (again?) at the CES. You can see plenty of youtube vids if you soSony Rolly wish – I just could not bring myself to display the foolish (Am I being unkind?) trailer here. It may be that this gadget is made for the Japanese market (where they love cute little gadgets) -or, possibly for the super rich kindy-brats in our country?

Maybe I am alone in finding this gadget super-silly? Feel free to vent your own opinions on this!

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