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BITFOOD advertised

According to DailyBlogTips:

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success. But how to identify them?

They outline 7 factors that determine whether a domain name is going to be a valuable asset for your business. And Bitfood has all of them! Consider the first five, in particular. If the domain name is short, easy to remember, easy to spell, has a .com extension, and is descriptive, then its a winner. Bitfood is clearly a winner! Interested?

For more information please email the owner with the title

“Expression of interest in” at:

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BITFOOD advertised

For more information please email the owner with the title

“Expression of interest in” at:

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G5 Entertainment and Game Interface are running a competition with three prizes of (codes for) the PSP game Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 on offer.  Two prizes will be given away on their website and one is a twitter comp (ie retweet-to-get-entry style of give away).

To get entry to win by tweeting, all you have to do is tweet the following message:

Want to win a PSP Game by @G5games? Visit to win #GIPSP RT & Follow @gameinterface for a chance as well

To win by posting comments on the site is a bit more involved. Details are on the GameInterface site. This may be the best way to win. Because it is a bit more involved, fewer people are going to be bothered to do it. The retweet – if you have a Twitter account is super easy. So many more people are likely to enter to win this way – but maybe not!

As of writing this post only 15 tweets have been posted.  So maybe there is a good chance of winning through retweets, as well. On the other hand, the comp was only announced today! Whichever way you choose – good luck!

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With Comic Con 2010 currently in full swing in San Diego (started Thursday and finishing tomorrow) this seems like a great time to do a refresher on the comic titles available for PSP. There is an impressive line-up of titles available from the major publishers at the Playstation Store:

Comics For PSP

One of the most recent is publishers to join the Sony Digital Comic stable is DC Comics. The titles from DC includes Superman and Batman and other great titles, as the video shows:

Whilst there is a fantastic line up (the number of titles from each publisher is in brackets next the their name in the above list), there is just one disappointment with the introduction of digital comics for PSP. There was only  one freebie comic on offer. This contrasts with dozens of free comic titles on offer to iPhones!

Is it that Apple offers a bigger market or is a better negotiator? PSP owners definitely got the worst end of the deal! For those who are keen to try out reading comics on their PSP, you will need to upgrade your PSP system software to version 6.20 or higher. Then you will need to get the free Digital Comics Reader

Or, of course, you can navigate to Comixology using your browser on PSP and just watch the free web-based Comics on offer. There are some three dozen free comics to view.


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The thing about hacks – and the whole homebrew culture – is that there is a great deal of talent and passion out there working hard to free the PSP game system for uses way beyond the imaginings (or pockets?) of Sony’s creative and marketing teams.

Now Microsoft has worked out how to tap into these rebellious creative geniuses  – by setting up XNA Creators club. And when you see some of the great stuff that is coming out of PSP hackers lately, ya gotta think that its a waste not to have their work brought into the main stream. Check out this about-to-be-released hack:

YouTube Preview Image

The developers have also just released Half Byte Loader Rev. 94, about which one reviewer says:

Pure awesome sauce! I have a library of almost 900 games that are about to be made portable and added to the thousands of others I already have thanks to HBL, Wololo & Co. Keep up the good work. 

You will know from previous posts (eg Most Popular Stolen PSP Games) that the Bitfood team are not supporters of the hack culture – purely because its a threat to the bottom line of game developers and we fear that fewer games will be released.

But we have to admit that this stuff is gold. C’mon Sony. Bring these guys in from the cold. Take a look at Microsoft’s solution and then come up with something even better to harness all this creative juice for the PSP gamers ultimate benefit.

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