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Are you wanting to get a bunch of free psp game downloads? Would you like to play tons of PSP games without having to pay for all of them? What about free movies and music? This post and the next two - show you how!

If you answered “yes!” to free games - then you need to read the rest of this post, because I’m going to explain exactly how I was recently able to download so many free PSP games that I still haven’t had time to play them all. (Or, if you aren’t into reading , you can just follow this link to find all the free games you could want!)

psp-gamesFirst of all you need to understand that there are many companies who make money from giving away things that other businesses charge money for.

Why do they do this?

Basically, it’s because they put a lot of advertising on their web pages. Instead of charging users like you and me money, they charge advertisers to put some ads in front of us, and the advertisers pay for that opportunity. Sure it can be annoying, but if you think about it, you will realize that the ads are a great thing because it means we can get a lot of things which would normally cost a lot of money totally free!psp-games

It’s this exact “free” system which allows us to get all the game downloads for PSP we want without having to spend all our hard earned cash.

(I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting free games and stuff!) If you love getting free games too, then follow this link to get Bitfood’s free PSP games updates.

psp-game-downloadsAnyway, the best thing you could possibly do is go to pspgames and look for the exact games you want.

The next best thing you can do is to……………

Join The Bitfood PSP game community to get
insider tips, discount codes, and free games.


Enjoy the links and have fun :-)

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G5 Entertainment and Game Interface are running a competition with three prizes of (codes for) the PSP game Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 on offer.  Two prizes will be given away on their website and one is a twitter comp (ie retweet-to-get-entry style of give away).

To get entry to win by tweeting, all you have to do is tweet the following message:

Want to win a PSP Game by @G5games? Visit http://bit.ly/9YQn8d to win #GIPSP RT & Follow @gameinterface for a chance as well

To win by posting comments on the site is a bit more involved. Details are on the GameInterface site. This may be the best way to win. Because it is a bit more involved, fewer people are going to be bothered to do it. The retweet - if you have a Twitter account is super easy. So many more people are likely to enter to win this way - but maybe not!

As of writing this post only 15 tweets have been posted.  So maybe there is a good chance of winning through retweets, as well. On the other hand, the comp was only announced today! Whichever way you choose - good luck!

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With Comic Con 2010 currently in full swing in San Diego (started Thursday and finishing tomorrow) this seems like a great time to do a refresher on the comic titles available for PSP. There is an impressive line-up of titles available from the major publishers at the Playstation Store:

Comics For PSP

One of the most recent is publishers to join the Sony Digital Comic stable is DC Comics. The titles from DC includes Superman and Batman and other great titles, as the video shows:

Whilst there is a fantastic line up (the number of titles from each publisher is in brackets next the their name in the above list), there is just one disappointment with the introduction of digital comics for PSP. There was only  one freebie comic on offer. This contrasts with dozens of free comic titles on offer to iPhones!

Is it that Apple offers a bigger market or is a better negotiator? PSP owners definitely got the worst end of the deal! For those who are keen to try out reading comics on their PSP, you will need to upgrade your PSP system software to version 6.20 or higher. Then you will need to get the free Digital Comics Reader

Or, of course, you can navigate to Comixology using your browser on PSP and just watch the free web-based Comics on offer. There are some three dozen free comics to view.


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The thing about hacks - and the whole homebrew culture - is that there is a great deal of talent and passion out there working hard to free the PSP game system for uses way beyond the imaginings (or pockets?) of Sony’s creative and marketing teams.

Now Microsoft has worked out how to tap into these rebellious creative geniuses  - by setting up XNA Creators club. And when you see some of the great stuff that is coming out of PSP hackers lately, ya gotta think that its a waste not to have their work brought into the main stream. Check out this about-to-be-released hack:

The developers have also just released Half Byte Loader Rev. 94, about which one reviewer says:

Pure awesome sauce! I have a library of almost 900 games that are about to be made portable and added to the thousands of others I already have thanks to HBL, Wololo & Co. Keep up the good work. 

You will know from previous posts (eg Most Popular Stolen PSP Games) that the Bitfood team are not supporters of the hack culture - purely because its a threat to the bottom line of game developers and we fear that fewer games will be released.

But we have to admit that this stuff is gold. C’mon Sony. Bring these guys in from the cold. Take a look at Microsoft’s solution and then come up with something even better to harness all this creative juice for the PSP gamers ultimate benefit.

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Go visit the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 site to see whats new in PSP gaming and  - and other gaming platforms for that matter. The Expo is on right now (June 15 - 17) at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Or check out some of the trailers being released today for PSP games, below:

1) The latest Toy Story game trailer (Toy Story 3) for PSP is on show (see below)

 Video Games | Toy Story 3 | Review Pod

Another cool game (that has yet to announce its platforms) is Swarm - take a look at the debut trailer - and hope its gonna be on offer for the PSP:

 Video Games | Swarm | E3 2010: Debut Trailer

XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

As we have said before, these are not the kind of demos that we at Bitfood really want to see being released - as its really just a trailer that they have called a “demo”.

In our book a demo is more like the “lite” version of games that get released for the Apple platforms (iPhone, Ipod Touch and now iPad). That is, we get to have a play of the game - to see and feel what the game is like. Maybe just one level or a special demo version where we get to play a mini version of the game. Still, a preview is better than nothing. Here is another PSP game trailer released at the E3 Expo - Everybodys Tennis - and the trailer does look good:

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As part of a promo for their new brand Frappucinno, Starbucks have put together 10 cool free songs!BUT - they are available from iTunes. Not much use if your MP3 player can’t get access!!

The good news is that PSP gamers CAN get iTunes music onto their PSP’s.  But, before we let you in on that - lets just get you motivated! Check out the free music:

The songs include Frightened Rabbit - “Nothing Like You - which can be listed to/previewed in iTunes.

New  D.I.Y Frightened Rabbit video for \'Nothing Like You\' on Pitchfork.tv

There are also songs from other great bands, including: Macy Gray’s latest song - Kissed It; Hot Chip - “One Life Stand“; Goldfrapp - “Rocket“; Yoav - “Greed“; Shout Out Louds - “Walls“; Wintersleep - “New Inheritors“;  The Bamboos - “On The Sly“;  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - “Bad Blood“;   Wye Oak - “My Creator“. Macy Gray’s song is also a great choice for this Frappucinno Beverage Music Mix as you can see/hear in the vid:

So - How do you get this great free music onto your PSP?

As to getting the files onto the PSP, you have to use a USB cable between your computer and the PSP.  It is not supplied, but is cheap to find anywhere.

1. insert usb into your computer and psp
2. go onto computer
3. click on the harddrive that has psp
4. open it and there should be 4 different choices
5. click on music
6 then copy and paste your desired music from itunes or any other music opperator

And enjoy the free music!

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PSP’s have never really done as well in the USA as they have done in Europe. Not sure why, as they are very popular over there - so much so that they even use them in schools and Sony have developed (or helped develop) educational games for PSP in the UK. And recent research by Flurry (aka Pinch Media) suggests that at least some US gamers are abandoning their PSPs for the iPhone!

PSP in the USA

Techcrunch reckon the reason is simply that:

When it comes to mobile gaming, fully-featured, general-purpose computer phones are hard to beat. 

The fact that there are  over 30,000 free games on offer has to also be a big draw card. But lets face it - these figures really overstate the case as a lot of these games get a serious thumbs down from users (with less than 2 star ratings out of a possible 5). All the same, that still leaves a LOT of free games with good ratings to choose from.

But most of these are really not in the same  class as PSP games. They are short limited games - more like mini games! All the same, the figures speak for themselves. Apple is chomping away at the PSP market here and that can only be bad for the rest of us loyal PSP gamers as Sony also faces massive loss of revenue from games being copied.

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Wi-Fi is a registered certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.Lets face it, the PSP is a mobile device. That means that it a superior game platform for use on the move. Unlike PS3 gamers, we are not stuck at home base in order to play our games. We can while away boring trips, boring lessons and boring waits at the dentist/doctor/whatever, by playing our games on the move.

But our choices are improved even more if we have access to wifi. And even better if we can use free wifi! So we are happy to share this great resource we just found, with our readers.

This site lists free wifi spots from around the globe. Now while most of our readers are from the USA (and there are hundreds of free wifi spots listed at wififreespot by city)  we also get readers from a lot of other countries. WiFifreespot also has a huge list of sites from other countries (for eg there are hundreds listed for the UK)

Check it out - and add any hot spots you know of that are not already listed! (Just did this myself as I am doing this post on the move using free wifi at a convenient but not-yet-listed hotspot - and it took all of 30 seconds to do)

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With a few easy adjustments to the PSP we can open up a whole new world of free videos to watch on our PSP.  Before we look at how to to this - just check out some of the great free videos we can watch on our PSP:

1) Action:-  there are literally hundreds of action and extreme sport videos that we can get for free to watch on 0ur PSP - here is an example from FuelTV:

My Firsthand

Now this video is a bit dated (Youtube is no longer used for distributing their videos but we wanted to give you a sample you could check out from here). The latest videos (3 already for March) can be got by downloading the video podcasts from iTunes. If you don’t know how, we will show you in the next post.

2) Science: - or perhaps you just love NASA and space exploration. You already watch their videos on your PC (or Mac). Well, now you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want on your PSP!

Crashing a Helicopter - On Purpose!

3) Or perhaps you just like a good giggle or guffaw? Well, there are literally tens of thousands of free comedy videos available to watch on our PSPs. From Dilbert to DeGeneres, there is no end of free fun to be had.

So keep a watch out for our next post to discover how to watch podcasts (eg from iTunes) on your PSP.

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As any long-time reader of this blog will know, the Bitfood team has been big fans of the GoPSPGo concept that Sony launched in Europe and Asia (but, to our disgust, not in the USA) in 2008.  About 12 months ago we tried to find out what the state of play was on the long delayed introduction of PSPGo!Explore. We called the US and the UK offices. and eventually were sort-of told that it was never gonna happen!

PSP Go Games GoneThe GoPSPGo site they set up was a real sweet one  - and there was a tailor-made version for a whole stack of countries. The flash production was the kind of quality you would expect from a top game platform.  But if you go to the UK url today - its just a redirect to the PSP section of the Playstation home site in the UK.

Seems like that whole product was a fizz-er and its just all quietly disappeared into the night?

Not so - there is a trail of wreckage - and a funny? post script.

http://www.bitfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/bitfood-join.jpgMop it up as they might, Sony can’t entirely expunge the past. First up, the wayback machine lets us see some of what used to be…at least for the gopspgo dot com version. There you can at least see the bones of the site that used to be. Click on any of the countries listed to see what used to be on offer. Go! Messenger, for example, used to offer:

With Go!Messenger you can use your PSP to keep in touch with friends for free wherever you have access to a Wireless connection

Lets take a closer look at Go!Messenger. This was provided in conjunction with BT . And even a year after they shut it down, there is a site still up saying:

PSP Go Games Gone

…..we have had to do this…

And its a year later!

Does anyone else see this as really weird?

Well, weirder still is the postscript. When one of the Bitfood team started researching for this post they entered in pspgo.co.uk (understandable, right?)

And you would not believe what they found!!

The joke is on Sony because THIS is what is there….

PSP Goes Nintendo
That’s right - PSP Go-es Nintendo!!
What a trick Nintendo?? has pulled off?

Now to the UK reader this is probably not news (given the PSPGo). But for us across the pond, all we can say is  hahahaha!! And frankly, we were surprised that Nintendo got away with it.

Well, they haven’t - as the site is not owned by Nintendo! It was cunningly registered in China in 2009 by a Pan Zuo. And he has simply top-framed the whole Nintendo site into his site??

Not sure what happens if you login on this site?

Not sure why Sony haven’t taken this guy down? Or Nintendo for that matter?

The whole thing is weird - or hillarously funny. What do you think?

PS I we had to guess, our bet would be that the guy is trying to get a big payout from Sony for the site and in the meantime is giving Sony the finger!

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